Effects of Chinese Internet Media

The Effects of Chinese Internet Media:

The internet in China has several potential and actual effects on the country and its people. It has the potential to redistribute social welfare by allowing all of its citizens to be heard and known on equal terms, along with economic and cultural powers, brought on by accessing new people, markets, and ideas through the world via the use of the internet. In addition, it may well be the tool to bring about democracy in China.

An example: Sun Zhigang was a citizen arrested without charge for not having proper identity papers. He was held for three days, after which, his parents received his body for his funeral. The brutality of the Chinese government police was well known, and after his story was posted online, several thousand signatures and comments had been posted on an online petition demanding fair treatment from police for all and recompense to his family. Several days after the story went online and was heard globally, the police who had killed him were convicted and given prison sentences, and that particular police system was deemed corrupt and dismantled.

However, “online uprisings” do not always work out, as in the case of a woman who killed a peasant and injured several others while driving her BMW. However, she was well-connected, and the Chinese government upheld the lenient sentence she was given even though several hundred thousand persons protested.  The government allowed the internet news to keep reporting on the subject, but blocked all user comments regarding it.

Other unforeseen and unintentional side effects comprise the proliferation of curse words and sexually explicit material posted anonymously on government approved sites by college students, thought to be a cry for attention.

Overall, the internet has become an important force of change in china. Internet users are forcing change through massive amounts of dongmei_zhang2communicating between concerned journalists, educators, lawyers, doctors, students, and other citizens about social issues, problems, and solutions. The internet has given the people a voice to affect others, and their effects are just now becoming actualized despite Chinese government measures.  The Chinese people are on a path towards openness and public participation akin to a democracy.


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