Internet Media in China


Welcome to my web world dedicated to Chinese Internet Media!  Please use the left side options to learn about the use of internet media in China, the internet censorship in China today, and the effects of internet media on Chinese users.

A Brief History of the Internet in China:

China was first connected to the internet in 1994 with Sprint Co. of the United States to secure a boost in their economy.  In the beginning, internet web sites remained completely free from government restrictions, but after several million users began to log on during the later nineties, a crack-down occurred and limitations were put in place, formally starting in 1996.  Since then, cyber crimes and cyber dissonance are watched for by the Chinese government, most notably for criticizing or suggesting changes in the said government.

The Importance of Chinese Internet Media Literacy:

The importance of knowing about the Internet Media in China becomes more apparent every day as people across the globe log on to socialize, network, email, run their business, complete school work, receive news, etc, without leaving their homes. In China, the number of internet users is equal to the population of the United States, rising about forty two percent from 2007 to 2008.  The idea that a majority of internet users may be in China is close to a reality as more people in rural and urban areas log on to the World Wide Web.  Therefore, it is increasingly apparent that the Chinese people and others around the world should learn about Chinese internet uses, censorship, and the effects on China’s population to guarantee its successful and productive use.


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